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Goda Residence 

Goda Residence (trade name: Shimaya) is Fusataro Goda's residence, which is one of the 7 Tadotsu-Shichifukujin* residences that developed infrastructure in the Shikoku region from Meiji to Showa periods. The residence was built in Taisho to early Showa periods, with 13 buildings stretching over 2,300 m2 of land. The initial construction, additional constructions, and renovations were conducted over three generations by Daikichi Goda (1827-1903), Fusataro Goda (1861-1937), and Kenkichi Goda (1897-1975), completing its current form in around 1934. It is the only currently existing Tadotsu-Shichifukujin residence. Goda Residence was a place where many people of culture visited, such as the poet Hakushu Kitahara (1885-1942), waka poet Isamu Yoshii (1886-1960), and the 68th/69th Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira (1910-1980).

* Tadotsu-Shichifukujin refers to the seven families that made a fortune in Tadotsu as Kaisen donya (wholesaler in port) in a city that served as a port for cargo ships that sailed the Japan Sea during the Edo period: Kageyama Family, Shioda Family (2 families), Takeda Family (3 families) and Goda Family

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