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Daita Kindergarten

Daita Kindergarten

Daita Kindergarten was established in 1949 in Daita, Setagaya City, Tokyo, with the philosophy of providing young child education based on Christianity. The reconstruction work for the new kindergarten building was completed in 2017.

New Daita Kindergarten building: Design/Spatial Design Studio, Construction: Shibatakensetsu Co., Ltd.


About the works


In 2017, 12 works were installed for the new Daita Kindergarten building. 4 works became signs at the entrance of each classroom, 2 works were large wall designs in the area above the entrance stairs (works composed of terracotta and clouds), and 6 works were installed to fit into the environment. The 12 works in total were installed throughout the kindergarten. Another work was installed after the solo exhibition at the kindergarten in 2018, with 13 works now.

*In April 2018, “Sanbon no Jujika (three crosses)” was additionally installed to be part of the wall design.

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