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"Linking in the sky " 2014 @SPACE FACTORY Scene Photo

I had a solo show at the space called " Kukan Kojyo" SPACE FACTORY Tokyo Setagaya. This building has been there since around 1964 which Tokyo Olympic was held. Originally, there was a clothes shop on the first floor and the second floor was used as a residential area. After that, the current owner who is a space sculptor has been using this space as his studio for long time. Luckily I had this opportunity to use this space for an art gallery which was the first attempt ever. I exhibited my work at both floor while the owner was renovating the space. The building was turning into a new space as my work was exhibited. That enhanced how I showed my work.



※ I am paying attention either be used as any space now. 

2014年「つながる空の中」空間工場 展示風景
Photo by 田中裕二 / Kazumi NAGAOA
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