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" A ray of Light" 2015 @Gallery Camellia Scene Photo 

The "Okuno Building", situated in Ginza 1-chome in the Chuo Ward of Tokyo, and which contains Gallery Camellia, was constructed in the 7th Year of the Showa period (1932) as an exclusive apartment building. There are two buildings, of which the left one as viewed from the front was built in Showa Year 7, the right one in Showa Year 10, and which is now joined inside. The structure, while strongly retaining its form from the time of its foundation, now stretches from the basement to the sixth floor (the 7th floor is an extension which contains offices), and contains galleries, antique shops and private offices.

In this exhibition, taking Room 502 and treating it as a special portal that joins the current with the past, I wanted to express the soft texture and the globality of terra-cotta. The title of "A ray of light" is a combination of the warm light that shines into the gallery and the shadows it creates, and also the light that shone directly into my heart. When I actually set up the exhibition, not only was the natural light beautiful, but also the contrast between the bluey-white evening light reflecting into the buildings and the white walls, coupled with the dry wind that blows through the gallery, helped too by the springtime season, made it feel very tranquil, like being inside a cloud. The beautifully-maintained white space, the rounded pillars, pedestals, and works of art, harmonize well with the outside light, and results in a relaxing exhibition that blends the works of art with the continually-changing light.

2015年「ひかりさす」Gallery Camellia 展示風景



東京中央区銀座一丁目、Gallery Camelliaの入居する「奥野ビル」は昭和7年(1932年)に竣工された当時の高級アパートメントである。棟が2つあり、正面向かって左の棟は昭和7年、右の棟は昭和10年に建てられ、現在では中は繋がっている。地下から6階に及び(7階は増築されたオフィスフロア)ギャラリーやアンティークショップや個人事務所等が入居している。




Photo by Mio Kisaka , Kazumi NAGAOKA
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